Active invariant causal prediction

Active Invariant Causal Prediction: Experiment Selection through Stability论文笔记 Nips2021

One Pixel Attack

VSE++: Improving Visual-Semantic Embeddings with Hard Negatives 论文笔记


BadNets 论文笔记,探索backdoor attck的实际应用

One Pixel Attack

One Pixel Attack for Fooling Deep Neural Networks 论文笔记,探索adversarial的实际应用

Paper Reading List

Recommended Paper Reading List,including sector of Text Retrieval、 Video Caption、 Reinforce Learing、 BackDoor Attack、 Federal Learning, NLP。

Context Bandit with Linear Payoff Functions

Context Bandit with Linear Payoff Functions 论文笔记,其中一些相关的数学问题引用了别的书籍定义,具体见reference, 算法证明没有补齐

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